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Scouts Australia Program Resources

Download resources for the Scouts Australia youth program from here.

For resources to do with the fundamental aspects of Scouting and the program, go to FUNDAMENTALS.

For resources to do with developing programs, go to PROGRAMMING.

ACHIEVEMENT PATHWAYS has all the resources you need to support the personal progression framework.

The SCOUTS | TERRAIN page has a growing number of resources to support the use of the digital system.

And for other kinds of resources, including helpful videos, look in OTHER RESOURCES.

There’s also a page dedicated to links to program items that can be purchased from the Scouts Australia SCOUT SHOP.

There is now a dedicated site for SCOUTS AUSTRALIA KEY RESOURCES. These are resources that provide operational guidance, policies, and procedures for all aspects of Scouting at the national level. You should always also refer to your own Branch policies as well.

Latest Program Resource News

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