Get hold of resources to help you use the Scouts | Terrain digital system here. You can find helpful videos, the system development “sprints”, and other user guides. Don’t forget to send us feedback if you have an idea for a Scouts | Terrain resource. We have a dedicated Facebook User Community for Scouts | Terrain as well.

User Guides

Name DownloadsVersionLast ModifiedDownloadFile Size
New How To Import Data
190 downloads 1.0 25-07-2020 Download 2 MB
231 downloads 1.0 25-07-2020 Download 210.9 KB
100 downloads 1.0 25-07-2020 Download 124.1 KB
147 downloads 1.0 25-07-2020 Download 399.9 KB
21 downloads 1.0 30-07-2020 Download 272.1 KB
108 downloads 1.0 25-07-2020 Download 1.2 MB


Scouts | Terrain Video Guides

Some of these videos are from very early webinars sharing the look, feel, and initial functionality of Scouts | Terrain. The system has evolved significantly since then. The final product is even better than what you will see here! You might also see the name “Traverse” on some screens. This was an early name for the digital system, however in the end it couldn’t be used.

There is now a growing list of video guides for different features of the system.

Sprint Development Updates

Name DownloadsVersionLast ModifiedDownloadFile Size
181 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 208.5 KB
62 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 123.6 KB
53 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 123.4 KB
58 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 121.1 KB
58 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 660 KB
150 downloads 1.0 30-05-2020 Download 185.4 KB
122 downloads 1.0 28-06-2020 Download 98.6 KB


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Program Resources

Please Note:
This site is for the use of Scouts and Leaders who are implementing the Scouts Australia new youth program. It is not relevant to members who are still operating on the old program. 

You're most welcome to still have a look around, however!