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World Scouting Resources

If you’re interested in some of the concepts that the program is built on, check out the new tab “World Scouting” in the Fundamentals page of the program resources site. You can look through these documents to understand some of the background to the design of the Scouts Australia youth program.

  • World Scout Youth Programme Policy
  • World Scout Youth Involvement Policy
  • The Essential Characteristics of Scouting Poster
  • Adults In Scouting World Policy

You can find out lots more about World Scouting by visiting the World Organization of the Scout Movement at

Updated Elements Poster

The Elements of the Program Poster has been updated to reflect revised program symbolism.

  • The original icons for the age sections have now been replaced by the Scouts Australia age section logos.
  • The new peak award images have replaced the old award scheme badge images.

This magnificent poster can be found on the Other Resources page of the resources website, under the Group Support tab. These make great posters for the wall of your hall, and become an easy reference point for every aspect of the program.

Books & Badges Scout Shop Link

For convenience, a direct link to the location on Scout Shop where you can purchase badges and the various official program books has been added to The Weekly Program page, under the Books & Badges tab.

You will need to login with your Scout Central credentials to access these. Due to the various implementation approaches,  availability of these items is limited by state or territory branch, and to members of Groups who have begun transition to the program.

  • Program Handbook
  • Section Guides for Youth Members
  • Record Books
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills Books
  • Uniform Badges

Youth Member Role Descriptions

Now available online are the role descriptions for formal leadership roles for every section.

  • Joey Scouts – Patrol Leader
  • Cub Scouts – Unit Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader
  • Scouts – Unit Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Project Patrol Leader
  • Venturer Scouts – Unit Leader, Project Patrol Leader
  • Rover Scouts – Unit Leader, Project Patrol Leader

You can find these resources in the Patrols and Units tab of the Fundamentals page.

New Program Implementation Checklist

The Adventure Begins checklist should be used by any Scout Group planning to transition to the new youth program. You can find the checklist and resources at

The checklist is now also available on the Program Resources site. Look in the Converting Programs tab of the Other Resources page.

If your group is well underway with the new program, there is no need to download this resource, although you may Review> it, of course!

Scout Method Resources

The excellent Scout Method material developed for the 2018 program The Adventure Begins has now been loaded onto the resources website for use in the new program. The Adventure Begins was designed as lead-in preparation for transition to the new program for Scout Groups and all sections.

The Scout Method resources include:

  • The Scout Method Fact Sheet
  • Joey Scout & Cub Scout Scout Method Flash Cards
  • Scouts, Venturer Scout, and Rover Scout Scout Method Flash Cards
  • A poster in both PDF and PNG formats
  • The Scout Method Table

These resources can be found in the Fundamentals section, under the Scout Method tab.