The Weekly Program

For resources to do with developing your weekly programs, and for your bigger program cycle, this is the page for you! There are resources for Challenge Areas, for ceremonies, as well as general programming guides. If you need to access purchasable items (badges, books, etc.), there are links available here too. Don’t forget to Review> you programs! There’s a guide for that too.

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The following items are available for purchase from the online Scout Shop. You will need to login with your Scout Central credentials to access these. Due to the various implementation approaches,  availability of these items is limited by state or territory Branch, and to members of Groups who have begun transition to the program. (South Australia Groups – you are obtaining these resources through the Scout Outdoor Centre. A link has been provided following your transition training.)

  • The Program Handbook
  • Youth Member Guides for each section
  • Record Books for each section
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills Progression Book
  • Uniform Badges

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Program Resources

Please Note:
This site is for the use of Scouts and Leaders who are implementing the Scouts Australia new youth program. It is not relevant to members who are still operating on the old program. 

You're most welcome to still have a look around, however!