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Reasonable Adjustments And The Achievement Pathways

Recently a Scouts Australia webinar was held to support Scouts, Leaders, and Unit Councils to understand ways in which the program, and especially the Achievement Pathways, can be adjusted to support all young people to be able to be successful in their personal progression.

Scouting is an inclusive, values based Movement. Our membership is open to all young people and adults who share the fundamental values of the Scout Movement.

Scouts Australia approved a new Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Standard in Aug 2020. This reaffirms our commitment to ensuring that Scouting is truly open and accessible to all, better reflecting the composition of our communities.

A copy of the content of the webinar is now available, which in conjunction with the sections of the Program Handbook titled Access and Inclusion, will help you to support your Scouts with disabilities to be able to participate, to assist, and to lead across the whole program.

You can find the reasonable adjustments webinar content here:

Page:Achievement Pathways
Tab:Program Essentials (although it applies to all levels of the mountain)
Direct Link:Reasonable Adjustments Webinar