q System Upgrade! (especially for your Apple device)

System Upgrade! (especially for your Apple device)

Good news for users of Apple devices (and some Windows PCs too).

For a long time it appeared that Apple devices – iPad, iPhone, even Macs – were quite often (but not always!) having troubles downloading PDFs from the Program Resources site. Figuring out why required a lot of debugging, testing, inquiring, error logging, analysing, and testing again. Eventually we got to the bottom of it and the fix required a change of underlying servers.

So, today (Monday 25th January 2021), we transferred the production pr.scouts.com.au environment to a new setup and it appears to have gone well.

Apple users: you should now be able to easily download any resource from pr.scouts.com.au!

Bonus: The site has gotten just a little bit faster too!

Thanks for your patience and the feedback on this problem. We hope it is now fully resolved.

Please, if you have feedback or you are experiencing any problems, please do use the Feedback form.