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Scouts | Terrain Webinar Videos

Video recordings of the webinars developed for our early adopters are now available in the dedicated new Scouts | Terrain page.

It is important to note that from feedback and what continues to be developed, Scouts | Terrain has already evolved and will continue to evolve from what can be seen in the videos. This means that the final product will be even better than what you see here!

Another change is the name. You might see “Traverse” on some screens. This was a possible name but it couldn’t be used in the end.

Read more about Scouts | Terrain here.

Finally, get yourself into the Scouts | Terrain User Community Facebook Group to discuss and learn more about Scouts | Terrain!

Some Achievement Pathways Resource Updates

Three of our Achievement Pathways resources have had a makeover and have been updated. Changes include:

  • Scouts Australia branding update
  • Removal of the “Pioneers” and “draft” labeling
  • Terminology updates
  • Minor changes based on program tweaks and icon updates
  • Strengthening of Sustainable Development Goals in the program and Achievement Pathways

The resources updated are:

Head over to the Achievement Pathways page to find these resources.

The Guide To Special Interest Areas

This new resource has been developed to further support youth and adults to work with Special Interest Areas of the new program and Achievement Pathways. It has helpful pointers, such as:

  • Why SIAs are important
  • Time requirements
  • What happens when goals are not achieved
  • Stepped out examples of how an SIA might develop
  • The role of people like parents, adult leaders, the unit council
  • School projects
  • SIA ideas for each section

You can access this resource in the Achievement Pathways section of the PR website, under the Special Interest Areas tab.

You can give feedback on all the resources here.