Programming Overview Updated

The Programming Overview document has been updated based on recent feedback.

The content has been significantly reviewed and updated to bring it up to date with key messages about good programming using the four Challenge Areas.

It has also been updated with the new branding and to remove the “Pioneers” titles originally featured on this very early resource for the new program.

You can find version 2.0 in the Weekly Program page, under the Programming tab.

Youth Member Role Descriptions

Now available online are the role descriptions for formal leadership roles for every section.

  • Joey Scouts – Patrol Leader
  • Cub Scouts – Unit Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader
  • Scouts – Unit Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Project Patrol Leader
  • Venturer Scouts – Unit Leader, Project Patrol Leader
  • Rover Scouts – Unit Leader, Project Patrol Leader

You can find these resources in the Patrols and Units tab of the Fundamentals page.

New Program Implementation Checklist

The Adventure Begins checklist should be used by any Scout Group planning to transition to the new youth program. You can find the checklist and resources at

The checklist is now also available on the Program Resources site. Look in the Converting Programs tab of the Other Resources page.

If your group is well underway with the new program, there is no need to download this resource, although you may Review> it, of course!

Program Planning Templates Zipped

Two Microsoft Excel documents have been created to support program planning for Units. One is The Program Planning blank template, and the other is an example of a completed template.

These files are now combined into a single zipped toolkit for download: Program Planning Toolkit (Interim).

(These are interim while we await the development of an online digital system for program planning and the new program).

.zip files can be “unzipped” on Windows and Mac computers without installing extra software.

Go to the Weekly Program section, under the tab Programming, to find the toolkit.

Scouts Australia’s Educational Proposal Version 3

The Educational Proposal of Scouts Australia describes how our youth program, a non-formal program of personal development for children, adolescence, and young adults, is complementary to formal education. It sets the scene for the context in which we operate, including describing the needs, desires, opportunities, and challenges facing 21st Century young Australians, and Scouting’s role in preparing young people to be active citizens.

This is the third edition of Scouts Australia’s Educational Proposal. The first edition was made available for download in mid-2016, and the second in 2018.

Worldwide, Scouting is an educational movement of young people, supported by adults. The Educational Proposal enables Scouts Australia to explain to the Australian community how the Scout youth program meets the developmental needs of young people in Australian society, in accordance with the Purpose, Principles and Method of the Movement, and in line with the Mission of Scouting.

The audience for this document is mainly an external one. Elements might be used to support proposals to external bodies, such as governments and businesses, or for organisations we are looking to partner with. It also acts as a reference document for adult training, particularly as new adults are recruited into Scouting roles. It is important that all adults understand the importance of offering an attractive program, and be committed to a style of educational relationship based on the Scout Method.

The Educational Proposal is not a manual for the new youth program. It is based on the work of the Scouts Australia Youth Program Review, which began in earnest in 2013, and came to be the “new youth program” in 2019.

Any feedback on the content of this document should be forwarded to the Program Support Team via

You can find the Educational Proposal in the Other Resources section of the PR site, under the Educational Purpose tab.

The Guide To Special Interest Areas

This new resource has been developed to further support youth and adults to work with Special Interest Areas of the new program and Achievement Pathways. It has helpful pointers, such as:

  • Why SIAs are important
  • Time requirements
  • What happens when goals are not achieved
  • Stepped out examples of how an SIA might develop
  • The role of people like parents, adult leaders, the unit council
  • School projects
  • SIA ideas for each section

You can access this resource in the Achievement Pathways section of the PR website, under the Special Interest Areas tab.

You can give feedback on all the resources here.

Scout Method Resources

The excellent Scout Method material developed for the 2018 program The Adventure Begins has now been loaded onto the resources website for use in the new program. The Adventure Begins was designed as lead-in preparation for transition to the new program for Scout Groups and all sections.

The Scout Method resources include:

  • The Scout Method Fact Sheet
  • Joey Scout & Cub Scout Scout Method Flash Cards
  • Scouts, Venturer Scout, and Rover Scout Scout Method Flash Cards
  • A poster in both PDF and PNG formats
  • The Scout Method Table

These resources can be found in the Fundamentals section, under the Scout Method tab.