Outdoor Adventure Skills Changes

A new edition of the Outdoor Adventure Skills Progression Booklet is out now from the Scout Shop (or wherever you get your new program purchases)!

So what’s new? What’s changed? Well, take a look at the Outdoor Adventure Skills Change Log! You can download it from the Outdoor Adventure Skills tab of the Achievement Pathways page of the program resources site.

Did someone call for bell tents? No more!

Purchasing links for the Progression Booklet and other program items are under the Weekly Program page, in the Books & Badges tab.

World Scouting Resources

If you’re interested in some of the concepts that the program is built on, check out the new tab “World Scouting” in the Fundamentals page of the program resources site. You can look through these documents to understand some of the background to the design of the Scouts Australia youth program.

  • World Scout Youth Programme Policy
  • World Scout Youth Involvement Policy
  • The Essential Characteristics of Scouting Poster
  • Adults In Scouting World Policy

You can find out lots more about World Scouting by visiting the World Organization of the Scout Movement at scout.org

Updated Elements Poster

The Elements of the Program Poster has been updated to reflect revised program symbolism.

  • The original icons for the age sections have now been replaced by the Scouts Australia age section logos.
  • The new peak award images have replaced the old award scheme badge images.

This magnificent poster can be found on the Other Resources page of the resources website, under the Group Support tab. These make great posters for the wall of your hall, and become an easy reference point for every aspect of the program.

Books & Badges Scout Shop Link

For convenience, a direct link to the location on Scout Shop where you can purchase badges and the various official program books has been added to The Weekly Program page, under the Books & Badges tab.

You will need to login with your Scout Central credentials to access these. Due to the various implementation approaches,  availability of these items is limited by state or territory branch, and to members of Groups who have begun transition to the program.

  • Program Handbook
  • Section Guides for Youth Members
  • Record Books
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills Books
  • Uniform Badges

Program Icons

We have now made available downloadable program icons for you to use in your programs, promotions, and celebrations.

There are icons for:

  • Challenge Areas
  • Scout Method
  • Special Interest Areas
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Milestones
  • Plan>Do>Review>
  • Intro To Section

Please use them as provided, without altering them. Thanks.

You can find the icons for download in the Other Resources page, under the Program Icons tab.

New Video – This Is Our Program

In January 2019 we launched our new youth program at AJ2019. The National Program Space was a hive of activity, information and learning as we shared what the future of Scouting will look like. 

To demonstrate the youth program’s power in fostering the development of young people, through adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive programs, we’re excited to launch this new video for you to share.

One Program, One Journey

This video represents all that is unique about the youth program currently being implemented by some local Scout Groups across the country on an agreed schedule. 

This video represents all that is unique about the youth program currently being implemented by local Scout Groups across the country on an agreed schedule. 

You can find the 2 min video on the front page of pr.scouts.com.au. It can also be downloaded from there, for you to use in local presentation. Note that it is 258MB so will take some time to download.

Read more about the video at scouts.com.au/blog/2019/10/28/this-is-our-youth-program/

Adult Skills Development Checklist

How is your role as an adult in Scouting progressing the implementation of the program in your unit?

This document provides a series of questions that can be used to reflect on your own personal development as an adult in Scouting, working with young people in units and groups. From there, you can set some goals for your own ongoing development. Don’t forget to use Plan>Do>Review>!

You can find the checklist under the Group Support tab of the Other Resources page of the PR website.