Are some parts of the system locked until the youth member has completed the pre-requisites?

The Achievement Pathways start locked for youth members when they start using Scouts Terrain, until an adult Leader or Unit Leader has either done the data input (used the data input tool in Scouts Terrain to record all the achievements you currently have), or marked that the data input does not need to occur.

The Unit Leader/Adult Leader can use the data input tool to benchmark current progress in the Achievement Pathways. Once this has been completed, the padlock will disappear and you can use Scouts | Terrain to its full extent! ​

There are resources available on for more guidance around the data input itself.

In the Achievement Pathways, the Outdoor Adventure Skills have been created with a key design principle of leading to developmental skill learning, i.e. over time new skills that are learnt build on previously learnt skills. To facilitate this, in Scouts | Terrain there are some restrictions about when Outdoor Adventure Skill I-Statements can be marked as complete. I-Statements cannot be signed off as complete, more than two Stages above a previously completed Stage in the same stream. For example, if I’m working on Bushwalking Stage 2, but I believe I’ve achieved something in Bushwalking Stage 6 – I still can’t sign that off yet, because it’s more than 2 Stages above the last Stage I’ve completed. I should still put it in my logbook, and the activity could have been involved in achieving a Participate, Assist, or Lead (or other elements of the Achievement Pathways!).

Additionally, the Personal Reflection is intended to be the last item that a youth member completes as a component of their Peak Award, and should be done after all other Peak Award components are achieved.