What welcoming & supporting resources will I have access to?

Check out our quick getting started guide at pr.scouts.com.au/mdocs-posts/00-how-to-get-started-in-scouts-terrain/ !

We have heaps of other supporting resources and videos at pr.scouts.com.au/terrain too.

We have a constantly expanding, searchable, FAQ (you’re reading it!)

We have an in-system support button, you’ll see a little floating ‘help’ button!

You can also access this support at pr.scouts.com.au/terrain/support/?src=faq

We have a team of Digital Champions across Australia who can help you when you post a question in the Scouts | Terrain User Community.

We have a Facebook Group dedicated to discussion about the system (check out Scouts | Terrain User Community www.facebook.com/groups/scoutsterrain/)