Will I get notifications or external messages?

Right now, Scouts | Terrain cannot send you notifications or emails (apart from helping out if you forget your password).

To see the items that you need to consider & approve or improve, Unit Council members should go to ‘Approvals’.

To see the activities that you’re involved in, go to ‘Programming’ and look at your calendar. If you’re the organiser of an activity, then you can look below the calendar for a list of activities that you are responsible for organising.

If you’re an adult Leader in a Group, you can see ‘Group Life’ or ‘Unit Life’ (depending on how many Units you are involved in and your permissions) which will show you a dashboard with core program statistics for members in your Group or Unit. Group Life shows aggregate data for each Unit, and Unit Life breaks it down to an individual member level.

From the member area in Scouts | Terrain, you can perform some tasks for your members such as moving them between Patrols & Units, adding Unit members from outside your Group, creating, naming & deleting Patrols or Units, managing roles, inputting Achievement Pathways data, or resetting a member’s password.

A consideration for future development is creating notifications for members, for example a notification that alerts you that you have been assigned a lead for an activity in the program cycle.

We also have emails as a consideration for future development. This refers to being able to communicate from Scouts | Terrain straight to your Patrol, Unit or Group (or relevant formation) via email.