How is a youth member’s current Achievement Pathways progression recorded when they first start using Scouts | Terrain?

Scouts | Terrain has a data input tool that should be used to record all current achievements for youth members. To access the data input tool, you must be an adult Leader or Unit Leader and logged in.

Once logged in, visit the Unit view within your member area. Next to each youth member, on the far right hand side of the table, will be a data input button. You can either choose to utilise the input tool, or mark as ‘not required’. One you have completed any part of the data input tool (such as Introduction to Scouting), you won’t be able to reverse it, similarly if you mark a data input as ‘not required’ then this is not reversible easily. if you make a mistake here or enter the wrong information, use the help button to contact support. We’ll need to know the membership number, name and Branch of the member that you need support with.