How are we supportive of non-technically proficient Groups or leaders?

We recognise that often, change can be scary. Here’s a little bit of information about why we think you shouldn’t be scared about Scouts | Terrain!

The Program Team from Scouts that have been working on this system are comprised of a very varied age range – from youth members to young adults to some members that are ‘well advanced in years’. As well as youth members, this passionate team also comprises of section Leaders and Branch Leaders. We care about the system and how best to support it!

From a development perspective, the Delivery Lead from Two Bulls is a Scout Leader in Victoria, and there are a few others who are involved in Scouting too. The rest of the development team have worked incredibly hard to understand who we are as a movement, what we stand for, and also what’s important to different user types!

When we scoped Scouts | Terrain, we had a huge list (over 150!) of business requirements. We wanted all of these requirements to be in the system, to cater for every need a youth member or Leader might have. Over development, most of these have stayed. But, others have adapted based on the advice of user testers, the development team, and the program team! When an adaption occurs, it’s generally because we realise that maybe our original idea was clunky or doesn’t match what a member will actually be wanting to do.

Also, the National Executive Committee for Scouts Australia has confirmed that the system will be funded for ongoing development, every year!

In summary:
– Change is always challenging
– The system was designed by Scouts, for Scouts, and built by Scouts as well as other people who have worked really hard to understand us deeply!
– Things that aren’t quite right in the system can be fixed and developed over time, because this system is supported!