How do I keep track of what’s been submitted, approved or awarded?

Scouts | Terrain supports you along the way of achieving a badge or element of the Achievement Pathways, but it does not keep track of whether an individual has been handed or ‘awarded’ their badge or achievement.

Submissions or changes that are made in the system all have dates & individuals associated with each change, to aid in reporting & auditing.

To see a list of what’s been submitted and approved, click the ‘Approvals’ button on the navigation bar. Only members of the Unit Council can see this page.

The first tab has all program items that have been submitted to the Unit Council for approval, and some actions you can take from this list.

The second tab has a historical view of all items that have been approved or rejected by the Unit Council.

The system can’t record that a youth member has had the achievement awarded to them, just that it’s been approved.