Can we add members of other sections, such as youth helpers, to our Unit?

It’s really easy to add a member to a Unit in Scouts | Terrain. To do this, visit the member area and then the Unit table for the Unit that you wish to add a member to.

Above the table in the top right is a ‘Add Unit Member’ button. Click on this.

This will open into a new screen and you can either use the dropdown to add a member within your Group to this Unit, or you can use their Branch & membership number to add a member directly. You can add multiple members to the Unit at the same time.

Click ‘Add’ in the bottom right. You’ll get a green confirmation banner in the top right.

You’ll be able to see the members you have added in the Unit table, and the members you have added will be able to now access the Unit by selecting it in the profile switcher.

To learn more about setting up your Units and Patrols in Scouts | Terrain, check out our supporting resource at