Why do we have Scouts | Terrain?

A dynamic and exciting digital system has been part of the Program vision throughout every step of the journey. From the beginning of the youth program review, through to the launch of the Program at AJ2019, we have been excited to embark on a journey to develop a revolutionary digital system to support and empower our members into the future.

Our vision and design brief were clear – to create the best personal progression and programming tool for youth members and adults. Our new digital system will be focused around the creation and the delivery of our youth program for members, as well as effective reporting to help youth and adult leaders continue to grow Scouting.

Technology and devices are a part of our world. They are a part of Scouting. They allow us to communicate, navigate, find information, learn and so much more. All of our youth members are digital natives. We need to harness technology and use it in the right ways to support, grow and improve Scouting.