Can I edit achievement data that I have entered using the baseline tool?

During the baseline process, once you have saved a particular aspect of the Achievement Pathways or submitted the baseline as a whole, this cannot be edited. If you make a mistake, reach out for help using the Support button and we will be able to reset this data for you to use the baseline tool again.

For example, if you use the baseline tool to mark that a youth member has achieved a Special Interest Area project then this project will display on the youth members profile and they cannot edit it. The youth member can however Plan>Do>Review> any other Special Interest Area project they wish to, as per normal.

Our recommendation is that if you are uncertain of an achievement date, you an approximate date of achievement (i.e. July 2019), or if this is not possible either you simply enter today’s date (the date in which you are using the tool).

Right now, the baseline tool writes achievement data straight to the youth member’s achievement profile in Scouts | Terrain.

The person using the tool can record achievements made in any youth section, of any part of the Achievement Pathways.

To minimise the chance of errors, we have provided a clear, step by step flow and also a number of prompts and checkboxes to make sure you understand what you are saving/recording against the youth member’s achievement profile.

For more information check out the supporting materials at