How does the system cater for Scouts with additional needs?

Scouts | Terrain has text fields which can utilise any input method that your device uses, to provide information. If you’re using a keyboard on your computer, this will be my method of entry. If you’re using a talk to text function, this will input text through my keyboard into the app’s content field.

The colour, artwork and text choices throughout the system have been made to keep simplicity, contrast, beauty and ease of use in balance as best as possible.

The layout of the system has been designed around fitting to different devices and screens. Just like any website, you can zoom in or out if needed.

As a dynamic web application, the system is compatible with screen readers (such as ChromeVox) that function with a web browser.

Another benefit of being a dynamic web application is that it can be put through online live translation tools such as Google Translate – and present to the user in any language that Google Translate supports. This means that you can access our whole program in Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, etc!

If you’re having accessibility challenges with Scouts | Terrain, please lodge a help request through the help button in the system. Or, if you have any ideas about how to make Scouts | Terrain more accessible, please submit a request through the help button.