Can I ‘back date’ or confirm the participates, assists or leads after the activity has occurred?

While planning an activity in Scouts | Terrain, it’s possible to choose a date in the past, if that’s required.

Once you have planned an activity in Scouts Terrain, it’s possible to edit it including the date, and change attendance, etc, until it has been concluded. Once the activity has been concluded, it can’t be edited further.

Participates, Assists and Leads only flow through to a youth member’s profile once the activity is concluded. Attendance can be nominated in a flexible way, during the activity or afterwards, through the attendance tab within the activity. Make sure you click ‘save’ after nominating who attended.

Once an activity has been initially planned and added to the calendar, a Unit Council member or activity organiser can click ‘complete plan’. The information contained within these pages can be edited as required in Scouts | Terrain.

Once an activity has completed planning, the organiser or a member of the Unit Council can edit an additional two views about the activity itself. ‘Attendance’, and ‘Review’. Attendance: This is a list of all relevant people who might attend the activity, for example, a Unit activity will have the whole Unit listed. On this page, the organiser or a member of the Unit Council can tick off those that attended. This page will confirm Participates, for those who attended (but did not Assist or Lead)

Review: This is a page which should be completed after the activity has been run. This page has some simple review questions, and also asks the organiser or the Unit Council to confirm who was the Assists & Leads for the activity. This is where you can confirm an Assist or Lead. Once a youth member is confirmed as the Assist or Lead after an activity, they can see this flow through to their Milestones in their Achievement Pathways.

Once the activity has been concluded, these Participates, Assists, and Leads will be sent to the youth members Achievement Pathways profile.