What happens if I have multiple roles in Scouting? (i.e. I’m a Rover Scout & an adult Leader)

This is part of Scouts | Terrain that we are really excited about.

Use your single membership number to log in to Scouts | Terrain (i.e. 112233). Once logged in, you can look to the top right-hand corner of the screen and see a little ‘profile’ icon & bar. Clicking here will show you what role & formation you are currently involved in. You can switch the role & formation that you want to interact with through the drop down below this bar.

Once you have selected the profile that you wish to interact with, you can continue to use the system with that profile. You’ll see corresponding member, program and achievement information for this profile, until you switch to another.

The calendar will display all of the activities you should be able to see for your current role/Group.

It’s critical that you talk to your Branch and ensure that all your relevant role and formation information is up to date in your Branch Membership System. If your Branch Membership System does not have the correct information, Scouts | Terrain won’t either!