Won’t Scouts | Terrain take away from time that kids should be doing ‘real Scouting’?

Devices are a part of our world. They allow us to communicate, navigate, find information, learn and so much more. All of our youth members are digital natives. It is their world. It is our role to educate on the right usage. Check out our website (links below) about Scouts | Terrain, what it looks like and what it will do.

We firmly believe that Scouts | Terrain will increase the efficiency of all the organising, planning and the record keeping side of Scouting… Giving everyone more time to do the stuff they love!

We don’t see Scouts sitting around for long periods of time filling in their paper record book, so even in a worst case scenario of it taking just as long in Scouts | Terrain, there should be no reason why this will change. 

Scouts | Terrain’s approval structure, based around the Unit Council, will empower all members of the Unit Council to be involved in decision making and achievement using Plan>Do>Review> for the whole Unit.

The ‘propose idea’ function in Programming will supplement your existing programming methods, by allowing a list of awesome ideas to always be ready to go (if your Unit members have had ideas throughout your Program Cycle).

Resources are linked throughout Scouts | Terrain, so you can find out more information right when you need it. These could be videos, web pages, or PDF’s.

About Scouts | Terrain (scouts.com.au/blog/2020/06/29/scouts-terrain-launching-late-july/)