How does Scouts | Terrain ensure the person signing off activities is accredited to do so, such as a 2-up youth member or a Leader with BOS?

In summary – Scouts | Terrain’s Outdoor Adventure Skill functionality is designed around flexibility of entry, to satisfy the multiple achievement scenarios that might occur. The onus is on the Unit Council to examine what’s been provided to Scouts | Terrain by the youth member.

There is a ‘add verifier’ button at the end of each stage, which asks for name, contact details, accreditation etc. The ‘add verifier’ button is able to be attached to any single I-statement (or group of I-statements ticked off at the same time)!

This way, by the time a youth member has finished a Stage within the Outdoor Adventure Skills they will probably have a list of verifiers & any attachments (i.e. photos, videos, documents such as trip reports) that the Unit Council can review across the whole Stage, and see that appropriate verifiers (youth or adults) have been utilised by the youth member.

One example of an attachment (aside from a photo of the youth member conducting the skill) is a photo/scanned version of the printable Stage requirements, available from each Stage of the Outdoor Adventure Skills