How do you achieve Outdoor Adventure Skills in Scouts | Terrain?

Let’s break it down:
1. Use Scouts | Terrain to read about the skills you want to learn, including the guidance statements.
2. Learn the skill(s), while being supported by an appropriately skilled person such as a 2-up youth member
3. Open Scouts | Terrain and tick off the I-statements that describe the skill(s) you have demonstrated.
4. After ticking the I-statements, attach any files you need such as photos.
5. Click the ‘add verifier’ button. This is where you enter the details for the 2-up youth member that helped you out. If they’re within your Unit, keep it simple with minimal information.
6. AFTER you have entered your verifier, the SAVE button will now be available. Click Save and exit.
7. Once you have developed all the skills in this stage and have all I-statements ticked off (they’ll appear greyed out), you should then click the ‘Submit for Stage Progression’ button.

Important to note:
– you have to add a verifier to each I-statement or group of I-statements.
– always click save and exit
– only submit for Stage progression once you’ve completed the whole Stage

For a more detailed explanation, access the Outdoor Adventure Skills resource at