As an adult Leader, how can I directly change, control, submit or support a youth member’s personal progression in the Achievement Pathways?

Scouts | Terrain is designed to enable youth leading, adults supporting.

Adult Leaders have three ways to directly interact with a youth member’s Achievement Pathways. These are – being involved in the Unit Council, using the Record Achievements bulk award function, and using the Manage Achievement Pathways function. Each of these three functions have different levels of youth involvement.

As members of the Unit Council, adult Leaders can be an equal partner to youth members on the Unit Council as they review, and approve or request improvement on items submitted to the Unit Council. Visit the Approvals page to access this.

From the Members – Unit list (before clicking into a specific Unit table), adult Leaders and Unit Leaders can use a bulk input method for the Outdoor Adventure Skills, up to Stage 5 in any Stage, and also for the awarding of any Additional Awards. For the Outdoor Adventure Skills marked off through this method, the youth member will still need to enter into their Outdoor Adventure Skills page and attach any files, photos or evidence and then submit the Stage to the Unit Council for approval.

From the Members – Group list, an adult Leader can click ‘Manage Achievement Pathways’ which takes them directly into the youth member’s profile for 30 mins to act on behalf of the youth member. They can use this view to directly help the youth member to Plan>Do>Review> any aspect of the Achievement Pathways in Scouts Terrain. When an item is submitted by an adult Leader who is acting on behalf of a youth member, this will be reflected in the submission to the Unit Council.

As well as supporting the Plan>Do>Review> of the Achievement Pathways as outlined above, adult Leaders can use the data input tool to record the baseline of achievements, (where a youth member is currently up to), when the youth member first starts to use Scouts | Terrain. Adult Leaders and Unit Leaders (Unit Leaders can only see the Unit Life table) can see a dashboard of youth member progress from the Unit Life or Group Life areas.