What about if I don’t have an internet connection?

Scouts | Terrain can be accessed without an internet connection as long as you have logged in and accessed the system recently – however, the functionality at the moment is quite limited. Remember that while offline you can view the whole system, but will only be able to enter new information, tick off achievements, or share program ideas into draft form to submit once connection has been restored.

If you’ve made a few changes to something you’re working on while offline, when you re-connect to the internet the system will save the most recent change. This also applies to a Patrol working together on a Program activity, or multiple adult Leaders saving something.

We are working to make the system able to allow you to draft everything offline, and then only able to submit it when you re-establish a connection with the internet.

This means that hopefully soon you’ll be able to mark off who attended while offline, but only submit it when you re-establish an internet connection